Principle Terms & Conditions
All prices are in pounds (sterling) and are not subject to VAT at the current rate.

We reserve the right to amend our tariff prices & services with 30 days notice to existing clients.
Standard longer-term storage payment method
A month in advance on invoice. Thereafter monthly standing order or invoiced monthly/quarterly in advance.
For maximum discount, full year's payment in advance.
Shorter term storage to be arranged between AutoInn and client.
Before any vehicle(s), goods / belongings are released from storage, all accounts must be paid in full (cheques must be cleared).
All visitors strictly by appointment only and upon receipt of ID.
No transport booking will be processed until the appropriate payment has been made.
We hold a fully comprehensive motor trade insurance policy to cover all of our responsibilities in respect of customers’ motor vehicles whilst in our storage care which also includes road risks (customers vehicles driven by us).
Our vehicle transporter is fully comprehensively insured, which includes goods in transit insurance (customers vehicles transported by us). Owners should notify their insurance company of their intentions to store / place their vehicle(s) & or belongings / goods in our care. Owners must ensure that their vehicle(s) & or belongings / goods are insured & remain so for fire, theft and accidental damage whilst in our care, where applicable. We can provide insurance cover through our own insurers to extend our cover in respect of values or certain conditions or clients can choose to have their vehicles insured on a individual agreed policy at a very favourable rate.
Please note 
We must be made aware of vehicles that have a unique value. 
We must be made aware of vehicles that have or require any special conditions of insurance cover.
NOTE; Do not expect your conventional comprehensive insurance, private or business (including motor trade policies) to include cover outside of your normal day to day private or business use and activities. You should notify your insurance company of your intentions to store, or to have your vehicle transported, (or both) if you intend to use your existing insurance policy to cover any of the benefits that might not be covered by our insurance. This advice applies to any company that you employ to store &/or transport your vehicle that may not have the appropriate insurance cover that you may require for your vehicle. Vehicles up to £50,000 are covered as standard and £1/week additional for every £10,000 increment in value.
Accessing your vehicle
We like clients to use and enjoy their vehicle and can provide pre-arranged access between 9am and 6pm weekdays and 10am to 5pm Saturdays. Access is free once per month with a small fee for each visit within same 30 day period after to admin cover costs.

Conditions of carriage & storage
All vehicles & goods are stored &/or transported under our current conditions of storage & /or carriage copies

Full terms available upon request.