We pride ourselves on our three core principles: Safe, Discreet and Controlled. This guarantees we consistently provide you and your vehicle all that's required to ensure customer satisfaction.
All of our prices are as low as possible, but without compromising the quality required to protect and maintain your vehicle

£22.50/week*: Small vehicles (e.g. original Mini)
£25.00/week*: Medium sized vehicles (e.g. Porsche 911)
£27.50/week*: Large sized vehicles (e.g. Range Rover)
£POA*: Extra Large vehicles
prices above exclude recommended CTEK intelligent battery conditioner, for only £1/week.
£10.00/week*: Motorbikes

from £5.00/week: cotton breathable car cover
from £12.50/week: carcoon
from £9.00/week: outdoor storage
*10% price reduction offered for annual upfront payment. Minimum one month charge upfront. Prices valid from January 2019. See Terms for more information

£25: Basic clean upon entry/exit if requested (1-2 hours)

£50: Bronze valet (approx. 2-3 hours)

£100: Silver valet (approx 3-4 hours)

£150: Gold Detail (approx 4-6 hours)

£250: Platinum Detail (approx 8-10 hours)

£POA: Bespoke Detail, Interior, Engine Bay, Headlight restoration, Paintwork assessment, Wet Sanding.

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Our affiliation with CTEK an their range of intelligent battery chargers allows us to purchase the charger of your choice at a great low price. We are also able to purchase a range of other car-related items at a reduced price, such as car detailing products, scents, mats, etc. from Farecla, Sonax, One Chem and UniPart to name a few. For example;
£70 CTEK MXS 5.0 Intelligent Battery charger
£12 Farecla Deep clean Clay Mitt
£10 Sonax Tyre gloss gel
£7   Scratchshield Bucket filter
£19 Small car waterproof/breathable cover and bag

Vehicle transporter
We only charge from the point vehicle enters the transporter. No charge applied for getting to your location.

Vehicle pick up/drop off
From £POA per mile
Full all road insurance cover arranged.
Transport to/from our location to/from nearest station/airport
Free for first pick up/drop off. £5 cash to driver thereafter.


We will purchase interesting vehicles for sale or take vehicles on consignment for clients. We are also pleased to act as representative for clients both in the sale and purchase of vehicles.
Tell us the vehicle you require and we will work to locate it, sending details of possible finds to you, anywhere in the world.
When buying a classic vehicle having a specialist inspection carried out prior to purchase is always advisable, especially if you are unable to view the vehicle in person. We can provide contact information for companies specialising in pre-purchase inspections, insurance valuations, etc.

Cost of MOT plus £49*
On-site servicing: £POA
Off-site servicing: Cost of service plus £49*

Fuel Stabiliser
Fuel Stabilizer is a fuel additive that keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after periods of storage. £POA

*charge applies within 20 mile radius