Why choose Auto Inn?
Being a family run business and priced to cover our costs, we offer a high quality facility and a friendly service for all types of vehicle owners. Regardless of value, we understand that you are trusting us to look after your pride and joy, so we have everything set up to reassure you;
 - Our buildings are solely for vehicle storage and cover approximately 16,000 square foot. 
 - The buildings are dehumidified using a number of industrial dehumidifiers throughout the storage space.
 - Access is only through one possible route with double gated, key-code entry/exit. Fully concreted grounds.
 - We have facial and number plate recognition CCTV as well as night vision cameras.
 - There is an on site presence 24 hours a day.
 - We never allow any maintenance, service, painting or repair work to be carried out within our storage units.
What do you offer as standard?
As well as the above, before entering storage and after an optional cleaning/valeting , vehicles are fully dried, reported on and photographed for your and our records. An intelligent battery charger is connected, drip tray under engine bay, parked on carpeted surface and we also offer a light exercise on our private grounds, with regular updates sent through to you if required. All our vehicles are insured through Classic Insurance Services as standard up to £50k (additional charges for higher values POA).

Why store my vehicle?

If you want to keep your vehicle at it's best, proper storage is the only way to preserve it. At all times of year your vehicle is under attack from the elements all seasons bring. Briefly, the summer sun will fade paint, crack interior trim, including drying out leather. The winter brings, frost, salt, fluctuating temperatures, that will leave the enthusiast disappointed at the condition of their vehicle very quickly. There is also 'fallout' at all times of year: tree sap, bird droppings, tar spots, etc will all prematurely 'age' you vehicle. See our Blog for more details about storage or simply 'google' "why I should store my car".

What should I do before delivering my vehicle?

During the storage period and in order to keep your vehicle at its best, particularly for prolonged terms, we advise; Full tank of fuel, Fresh oil and coolant at correct levels, Vehicle is clean & Fuel stabiliser is added. We can help with any of these if you haven't done so - please see: Services & Valet/Detail

Can I access my vehicle?
Customer delivery or collection is by prior appointment...  with 24-48 hours notice. There may be times booked up or annual holidays, so the best advice is to let us know as much in advance as possible. 

How do you control the humidity?

We have several industrial dehumidifiers within our facility that operate to keep the correct relative humidity. We also have no windows which helps keep conditions stable.
What covers do you provide?
We can supply you with a fitted cotton (i.e. breathable) cover by Cosmos and can organise with you the ultimate car protection using the Carcoon system. Alternatively, you can provide your own cover/carcoon if you wish.
Can you transport my vehicle?

Whether you wish to use a fully enclosed vehicle, or are happy with an open trailer, we can arrange it all for you. With insurance pre-arranged for a fee, we can also pick up or deliver your car to home, airport or any other venue and even organise a taxi or drop you off at the nearest train station should you wish to bring/collect the vehicle yourself.
Can you insure my car?
We hold a fully comprehensive motor trade insurance policy (with Classic Insurance Services) to cover all of our responsibilities in respect of customers’ vehicles whilst in our storage care.
Our outsourced vehicle transporters are fully insured, which includes goods in transit insurance (customers vehicles transported by us). Owners should notify their insurance company of their intentions to store / place their vehicle(s) in our care. 
Do you have a minimum or fixed storage period?
We are totally flexible and there is no maximum stay. We only request a month's fee in advance to indicate your committment. There is a 10% discount to our standard prices for annual upfront payments.

Do you offer outside storage?
We have a concreted area on our grounds which benefits from the same secure double gated key code access, CCTV and on site 24 hour presence for cars and caravans.

Can I visit your site before committing and where are you based?
Although we operate the utmost discretion, we are happy to show you around our facilities in Essex and to discuss your particular requirements prior to storage. Please  contact us  to arrange a meeting.