We pride ourselves on our three core principles: Safe, Discreet and Controlled. This guarantees we consistently provide you and your vehicle all that's required to ensure customer satisfaction.
We are proud that one of our clients vehicles was a concours winner in it's class at the Ford Fair 2016

As a vehicle owner, you make a considerable investment. But, it is subject to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog. The elements are constantly attacking and deteriorating your vehicles appearance and robbing its beauty and value.  But, you can keep your car in new or better than new* condition.  

On our secure site we can prepare your vehicle to the highest of standards using the utmost of care. We offer the finest products available from the likes of Megiuars, Zymol, Gtechniq, Zaino and many other top manufacturers. 

We differ from and are so much more than 'Hand' and 'Machine' car washes, and if your care about your car and retaining maximum value, we strongly suggest you use us.

To minimise the swirling and marring effects that can occur upon cleaning vehicles we use a high pressure air dryer during the drying process. Particularly useful to extract standing water from radiator grills, behind door mirrors, etc. This means the vehicle can be stored fully dried or can be driven off without water running off onto the paintwork from these hidden crevices

* Even brand new cars are given several wipe downs from leaving the factory freshly painted and coming to you, creating light scratches due to the poor, quick processes involved. 

Valeting & Detailing guide

Basic Valet (minimum recommendation when entering our storage facility)
Time: 1-2 hours
Cost: £25

.Degreaser applied to lower vehicle to break down traffic film and general grime
Wheel treatment applied to break down brake dust and general grime.
Jet washed to remove all treatments applied.
Ph neutral hand shampoo applied with soft wash mitt then rinsed and microfibre towel dried.
Clean exterior windows.
Vacuum interior mats and seats, also boot if accessible.
Dust dashboard and internals.

Bronze Valet
Time: 2-3 hours
Cost: £50

As Basic Valet per above, plus;
Tyres dressed with rubber dressing.
Door apertures cleaned and dressed where necessary.
Clean interior windows.

Silver Valet
Time: 3-4 hours
Cost: £100

As per all the above, plus;
Rain repellant added to front windscreen.
Interior fascia and trim dressed.

Paint work glossed and protected.

Gold Detail
Time: 4-6 hours
Cost: £150

As per all the above, plus;
Paintwork lightly clayed in specific areas to remove spot contaminents & tar spots.
Vehicle paint polished using combination of machine and hand polishing and using appropriate polish for paint grade.
1 layer of appropriate carnuaba wax or sealant applied to paintwork and shuts.
Alloys polished and sealed using an acrylic wax/sealant.
Chrome trim sealed with PTFE based sealants.
Rubber and plastic trim treated using water based dressings, free of harmful solvents or petroleum.

Platinum Detail
Time: 8-10 hours
Cost: £250

As per all the above, plus;
VP Citrus pre-wash for traffic film removal.
Paint depth readings taken and vehicle Machine polished and localised paint defects removed.
Paintwork cleanser applied to remove dead paint cells and to provide a perfect base to aid sealant bonding.
Carpets and upholstery treated with fabric guard and/or Leather cleansed and fed/sealed using mild detergents and conditioners/sealants.
Rubber seals fed and conditioned to prevent premature drying and wear.
Engine bay/under bonnet wipe down and tidy.
1 coat of 51% carnuaba wax (e.g Zymol Titanium) or 2 layers of sealant applied to paintwork and shuts  (Additional layers of wax £25.00).
Brake caliper clean up (when wheels removed).
Final top up of Zaino Z-8 grand finale spray seal glaze…for that extra depth of shine.
Tyre pressure checked and corrected to manufacturers spec.

We also offer bespoke packages per clients request, such as;

Interior Detail
Engine Bay Detail
Headlight restoration
Paintwork assessment
Wet sanding

Contact us for more information or to book your car in.
​                   Air drying importance​​
We air dry all vehicles washed. This car had been washed and towel dried, but still lots of water to remove
​                    Paint correction​​
Left side treated        = light is pure
Right side untreated = light shows swirls